Oil Price News

  • Aramco's IPO and oil prices

    Whatever it is, you wouldn't want to be the oil minister of Saudi Arabia. Forget the exciting remuneration, you'll have to have thick skin, extraordinarily embittered at that, to wade over the […]

  • Tar sand mining gaining force

    The picture above the ground: The Boreal forest of Canada, a unique blend of pristine forests, water bodies, and wet lands. The picture below the ground: Tar sands, a source of oil, spread across […]

  • Oil Contango and its Effects on Oil Prices

    A cold wave has engulfed much of Europe, the US and Northern Asia. The resultant freezing temperature has led to a thirty percent surge in the demand for heating oil. With it, the heating oil prices […]

  • Oil Caused Recession, Not Wall Street

    This essay brings a new perspective on the subject of the article oil-price.net titled "Did High Oil Prices cause the Financial Crash?" which we published in November 2009. There is a lot […]

  • Are Canadian Tar Sands Profitable?

    In order to ascertain whether Canadian tar sands are profitable, we need to understand exactly what they are. Tar sands are mixtures of naturally occurring clay and bitumen. Bitumen is a sticky tar […]

  • Sudan conflict and oil exploration

    It can't be disputed that the world needs more oil. The IEA has predicted that the global oil demand this year would be 86.3 million bpd, the highest level since 2007. This means that demand, mostly […]

  • New Trade Regulation proposals and Oil

    On Jan 21, the US President Barack Obama announced a series of measures to reduce risk in the financial sector. The proposals intend to tighten the regulatory mechanism and prevent a second- or like- […]

  • Oil War in the Falkland Islands

    This could be the script of any Hollywood blockbuster: The recent spat between Argentina and the UK over oil in the Falkland Islands. For, there is a conflict, two or more protagonists, oil, money […]

  • Niger, Nigeria and the oil price rise

    What's in a name? Niger or Nigeria will be in a better position to answer this question. If not anything the confusion in the name pushed oil prices to $80 a barrel last week. How? There was a coup […]

  • Petrobras discovers oil again

    There has been a slew of oil discoveries around the Brazilian coast in recent times. Could they make a difference to the oil thirsty world of ours? Let's see: Petrobras, the state controlled […]

  • Multiple reasons behind the oil price rise

    In the U.S. there is an over-supply of crude oil in the market, at present. Not that it definitely should but, obviously, the price of oil should slide, right? Well, last week the oil prices closed […]

  • The Oil Scene in New Zealand

    Heard about Zealandia, the eighth continent of the world? Zealandia is said to be a submerged or micro continent that sank millions of years ago. Most of this submerged continent is said to be in the […]